DATAMON is a Discord-based Pokemon ARPG based in the fictional region of Cybera! Scientific innovation has reached new heights, and Cyberian technology allows Pokemon to display all sorts of new traits, from hybrids to robotic!Datamon is completely free and largely based on collection, art, and random encounters! Catch & design Pokemon, explore and submit art to earn currency and collectibles, and participate in events for exclusive traits and rewards!We'd love to welcome you into our humble community!

Hm...? Oh, hello there! My name is Professor Selene, but you can just call me Sel. Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now - do you have an appointment? (The Salazzle flips through a large guestbook) Ah, yes! There you are. You're here to start your Pokémon journey, correct? Let me give you a rundown of how it all works.Here in Cybera, technological advancements have given Pokémon the ability to display unique traits! Some traits simply alter coloration, some change a Pokémon's typing, and others alter appearance completely!This is all due to the Cybera Generator, created by none other than myself, as well as DNA splicing technology. But that's enought about me, hmm? Why don't you check out what else our wonderful region has to offer!

TRAITSThis is our visual trait guide! For more in-depth descriptions of each trait, please check out this document.




NPCsEach interactive area of Datamon is run and represented by an NPC, or Non-Player Character! These NPCs belong to various members of the Datamon mod team. They're also great examples of Datamon designs, each showcasing specific traits exclusive to the Cybera region!

they/them - Amp Plains tour guide
Mega Ampharos/Mega Lucario [Hybrid]
Electric / Fighting
belongs to mod fox
Joules is the energetic and rambunctious exploration guide who resides on the outskirts of Cybera City, at the edge of the vast Amp Plains that stretch for miles onward. They love nothing more than fresh air, sunshine, and Razz Berries.The Amp Plains is an exploration area that is open to visitors on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. You can send your Pokémon here to gain levels. Perhaps they'll bring you a gift back, and you could even encounter a wild Pokémon!

he/him - Data Mines manager
Steelix [Typeswap]
belongs to mod zay
He may seem gruff at first, but Basalt just wants to make sure everyone in the mines is prepared and safe.The Data Mines is an exploration area that is open to visitors on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Sending your Pokémon here gives you the chance to find unique collectibles, currency and more! You can even encounter wild Pokémon lurking deep in the caverns...

she/they - Adoption Center employee
Kangaskhan [Mimicry; Blissey]
belongs to mod fox
Her passion is caring for little ones, whether they be her own or not. She works at the Adoption Center to ensure all Pokemon go to a loving home.At the Adoption Center, you can drop off Pokémon for adoption, or adopt a Pokémon in need of a home! Additionally, every Sunday, a batch of randomly generated Pokémon will go up for adoption to find loving homes with our Trainers!

they/them - Wonder Trade Facility founder
Dragonite [Mimicry; Goodra]
belongs to mod lucius
Logical and straightforward, Beleth loves crunching numbers - especially when it results in matching Pokémon with a brand new home!The Wonder Trade Facility allows you to trade out a Pokémon in your party for a new, entirely randomised Pokémon! There are some exclusive traits that can only be found via Wonder Trading.

he/him - Pokémon Amie owner
Poochyena [Typeswap]
belongs to mod prince
Breakfast loves a life of luxury, and wants to extend that comfort to every Pokémon in Cybera!Dropping your Pokémon off at the Amie allows for some well-earned rest and relaxation! This gives them a small level boost, and feeding them a Poképuff here bumps up their Happiness level.

she/her - Bakery owner
Miltank/Appletun [Hybrid]
Normal / Dragon
belongs to mod fox
Kind, caring, and loves cooking up baked goods and confectionery for the citizens of Cybera. Baked with love, her treats allow a Pokémon to take on a new appearance.At the Bakery, Trainers can purchase various lovingly crafted baked goods. These sweet treats change cosmetic elements of a Pokémon when consumed; for example, giving them extra markings or new growths such as horns or wings!